Trifari Bicycle and Rider Figural Enamel Brooch

$25USD ($24.91AUD) | PURCHASE

I’m a big fan of a good brooch as well as a more recent obsession with costume jewellery. I can across an amazing chunky gold necklace at an op shop the other day, branded Trifari which made me do a Google search to see what it was. Well, turns out Trifari were the top-dog in costume jewellery in the 80s! I decided to search what was going on Etsy which was when I came across this gem. Approximately 1 1/2 inches by 1 1/4 inches, this Trifari brooch is a gold-plated bicycle and rider, coloured with cream, red and black enamel, with the Trifari insignia on the back. It’s simple yet radiating the kitsch qualities I love in costume jewellery!

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